[collapse collapsed title="Pittsburgh-based Programs"]

8 Week Programs Credits Cost
1st-4th yr. Russian 8 $5896
1styr. Arabic 8 $5896
1styr. Turkish 8 $5896
6-week Programs Credits Cost
1st-3rd yr. B/C/S 6 $4422
1styr. Bulgarian 6 $4422
1styr. Czech 6 $4422
1styr. Hungarian 6 $4422
1st-2ndyr. Polish 6 $4422
1st-3rdyr. Slovak 6 $4422
1styr. Ukrainian 6 $4422
8-week Project GO ROTC Credits Cost
1st-4th yr. Russian 8
Full Scholarship
1styr. Turkish 8
Full Scholarship


[collapse collapsed title="Hybrid Programs in Pittsburgh and Abroad "]

10 Week Programs Location Credits Cost
1st-4th yr. Russian Pitt + Moscow 10 $8670
1st-3rd yr. B/C/S Pitt + Podgorica 10 $8670
1styr. Bulgarian Pitt + Sofia 10 $8670
1styr. Czech Pitt + Prague 10 $8670
1styr. Hungarian Pitt + Debrecen 10 $8670
1st-3rd yr. Slovak Pitt + Bratislava 10 $8670
1st-2nd yr. Polish Pitt + Krakow 10 $8670


[collapse collapsed title="Abroad-only Programs"]

8-week Russian for Project GO ROTC Location Credits Cost
2nd-4th yr. Russian Narva, Estonia 8 Full Scholarship
6-week Programs Location Credits Cost
2nd-3rd yr. Czech Prague 6 In-state $5722/Out-of-state $5922
2nd-3rd yr. Polish Krakow 6 In-state $5722/Out-of-state $5922
4-week Programs Location Credits Cost
3rd yr. Serbian Podgorica 4 In-state $4248/Out-of-state $4448
2nd yr. Bulgarian Sofia 4 In-state $4248/Out-of-state $4448
2nd-3rdyr. Polish Krakow 4 In-state $4248/Out-of-state $4448
2nd-3rdyr. Slovak Bratislava 4 In-state $4248/Out-of-state $4448


[collapse collapsed title="Tuition and Costs FAQs"]

1. What is included in the tuition cost?

a. Tuition covers the cost of enrolling in your classes. All program-required classes and events (i.e., films, lectures, cooking classes, weekly ethnic picnics) are covered by your tuition. Also, as soon as you get your Pitt ID, you can take the city buses for free!

2. What is not included in the tuition cost?

a. Students who will study in Pittsburgh are responsible for their travel to and from Pittsburgh as well as their room and board. Lodging is covered for students on abroad programs, but food is not. All students traveling abroad (except Project GO scholarship recipients) are responsible for the cost of their international travel. The cost of textbooks is not included in the tuition. The price of tuition does include fees of approximately $200.

3. Wow, students on the Project GO program get a full scholarship! What’s covered?

a. Project GO scholarships are comprehensive: tuition, all travel, room and board, visa fees, and textbooks are covered. Please see the Project GO page for details.

4. Am I eligible for Project GO?

a. ROTC students enrolled at any accredited US institution of higher education who are on track to commission are eligible. Please see the Project GO page for details.

5. I’m going to need financial assistance, what are my options?

a. Pitt’s Summer Language Institute provides generous scholarship support for its students; you are strongly encouraged to apply for all funding for which you are eligible. Please see the funding page for details.

6. I’ll be enrolling in a Pittsburgh-based program, what should I expect housing costs to be?

a. Good question! Please see the housing page for details.

7. How much spending money is it recommended that I bring?

a. This largely depends on your spending and eating habits. Pittsburgh has the full range of housing and food options.